Paraclete & other poems

Some recent work. Find new poems weekly via Instagram.   SUNDAY Close your quick eyes let the sun, that warm washcloth, lay neck-heavy, and hang on the railing hanging it all way up; easy now, mortal mind the water, slow going.    __   GLOSSOLALIA I was never one for falling over rather I stayedRead more

Lent Poems

Holy Week holds a story about passionate love and sorrow, anguish and sacrifice, bewilderment and joy. It’s a story which flipped the world upside down, so why would we expect to be unmoved by it today? Stories are told to be heard and to change us, and the story of Good Friday and Easter changesRead more

Advent Poems 2019

Advent means “coming” or “arrival”. It’s the four-week season in the church calendar year preceding Christmas characterized by waiting and longing for God and what God assures the world: hope, peace, joy, love. Advent is the dark before the dawn; the candle burning brightly in a deep forest; the star way off in the black; the contrastRead more

Imagining Gloria

Gloria Jane was born May 30, 2019. I wrote the first poem in the Spring of 2018 as Sarah and I began to take seriously the possibility of becoming parents, the second during the third trimester, and the third on our final getaway before our daughter was born. Imagining Gloria was written on a hunch that weRead more

Holy Week Poems

___ In the Praetorium His is the name on everyone’s lips the Galilean who talks in riddles tangled like empty nets. We know his kind, fiery, foolish enough to turn up this week of all bloody weeks. What are they saying this time in the courts about his chances? Oh, it’s not looking good. FoolishRead more

Advent Poems (2018)

  On a face out the shade;And the tilled field frozen;From the candle’s wick made;Bright-burning, glad-chosen;Through the tree on the road;In the corners of hearts;Lightly lifting the load;Happ’ly sparking new starts.                                                Read more

And there was Light

How the eye’s happy holding Early light, bright-shafting over The chapel, igniting late leaves, Embers among the conifers. How the windows fill with colour As empty houses glad-glow With heaven treasure; The world’s Lamp lit, in patient advance. How gentle grows the pail gold, Drawing out the good bearing On all creatures; a kinder wordRead more


  Cold blue curtains rise off dappled slate, Where winds blow west out the mountain gate, Up calm country tall and set adrift Light thoughts, air here thin enough to lift.              

Emptying Out

Give me grey sheets, streams on streams, Rivers vertical in reams; Colours warm descending round, Blankets strewn about the ground; Death on death, browns and golds, Forests bursting at the folds; Tables full with laugher loud, The meek, the most, the small, the proud; Hands for prayer and tears for thanks, Friendly commune without ranks;Read more

On a Dim Acrylic

  Drawn in darkest green-gloom sits the Water-mouth, mighty cedar, mountain, Striking some somber note, haunting note: Mystery for the unsurprised mind; Depth where imagination dim-delves; A portal unknown known through The wall drawing.