Mare Tirreno

Every rock’s a throne on The Tyrrhenian Sea Where the blue court waits Indiscriminately On every man, a king, Rich as any could be Honoured and guarded by The sentry of Capri. Every rock’s a throne on The Tyrrhenian Sea But should the azure Beckon such kings to free Their seats, and swim beyond, MereRead more


  I woke up in a cloud where The only stirred creatures rose Higher, broader in the closed World, open in worship over-dew. The long summer’s spent, now Only the rooster (by faith) Joins in prayer, even he half-fooled By the veil over valley thrown.  


With thunder round about The tiny pilot brings Treasure from flower to flout On beating, blurry wings. In scale she may be slight, Her movement hardly heard, But none’s so swift in flight, As lightening; Hummingbird.  


The grey kirk, that old yard of reformation Lies still but for a gull’s dawn supplication As no more rises from our white bricked up stack But my window breath and a hope to call back Where the Firth wind blows off the green kingly seat Down into kind kirk halls where song and prayerRead more

Rail, Water, Winter

Rail, water, winter      They all move along Through our storied hinter       Land like a carol song Out a holy people’d hall      On December’s bitter breath Over frosty steeples tall       To remembered yards of death.   For every coming has it’s going       Every Advent has it’s end When rivers quit their icy slowing       And steaming enginesRead more

All I Want

All I want’s a window      Where stellars in the fog Dogfight with the finches       As I lay here and log The reasons I adore you       A sparrow made to sing Wrapped in grey and pale blue       And wearing my gift ring.