All I Want

All I want’s a window      Where stellars in the fog Dogfight with the finches       As I lay here and log The reasons I adore you       A sparrow made to sing Wrapped in grey and pale blue       And wearing my gift ring.    

The Window Hangs a Scene

The window hangs a scene, Where patient trees in frame, Stand silhouettes of green In oil we’ve yet to name.   The vision breathes in flight, As birds with every stroke, Caress the morning bright While heavy pens are woke.   The window hangs a scene, More lovely to be sure, Than Turner’s finest dreamRead more

A Prayer

I am not an orphan Nameless with no home. I am not deserted Abandoned, lost, alone. I am not forgotten Misplaced and overlooked. I am not some missing link A theory bound and booked. For I have a Father And he shows me how To be who he has made me Today, right here, rightRead more

She Swims Away

She swims away to collect Not shells but self Not pearls but thoughts, Treasure to me, delicate and Dear as a break in the clouds.   She swims away to draw Closer in heart and mind, Displacing the distance with Every stroke and every breath Till miles out is near again.

The Text

Cloud, conifer, wet root And black earth accompany a Solitude the song sparrow Cheerily disrupts at my tread. Tower you, a textured text Of mountain, season over season. Drawing deeper breath The inner thud slows. How long since you were a sapling?