My travels this summer brought me back home to England for a family visit. History informs the future, and I delve into mine whenever possible.  All Saints Church is a small chapel on the outskirts of Keyworth, Nottinghamshire. I visited the grounds on two occasions – first on a solitary run early in the morning,Read more

Soundings of Big Sur

Hemingway’s council for writers was never to fully empty the creative well but to always leave something untapped. The little one doesn’t expel grows and upon returning to pen and paper the writer finds plenty has amassed while on furlough. Hemingway understood inspiration. Discipline or pressing on is crucial in any process, but in the endRead more


I was a dreadful speller as a child. I still am. Only in the past year have I truly mastered the correct spelling of the word believe. Thankfully, I’ve gotten my name down pat since this photo was taken. Hours were spent in my elementary school’s learning assistance class taking test after test, trying toRead more