What’s a coach and what is coaching?

A coach helps you grow through active listening, powerful questioning and sharing insight when it’s welcomed. A coach helps you to find clarity and to move forward. Coaches are partners, not prescribers. Unlike a consultant a coach doesn’t provide solutions or answers, but comes alongside to help you discover them.

In what areas do you coach?

Coaching is a tool applicable to just about any area of life in which you’d like to be healthy and to grow. Some of the areas in which coaching might be helpful are: vocation/career direction, communication, self-leadership, family life, personal and workplace relationships, creative expression, spiritual/emotional/physical health.

Why are you a coach?

I want to help people grow! Together we’ll create a safe space in order to face your reality, imagine your potential, and design lattices for growth.

What kind of training do you have?

Can you coach me?

Send me an email and let’s talk about it!


“After experiencing burn out and a traumatic season in my heath, I found myself withdrawn from close relationships and hesitant to be in public. Social gatherings of any type were quite difficult. Through a series of coaching sessions with Luke I felt heard, understood and began to experience a greater self awareness. Luke created a safe place to explore possible ways forward in the direction of my values which were being rediscovered. I am grateful for our times together and the gift of life I am able to experience again, its a long road but well worth the work.”

Steph Slusar
Interior Designer, Studio Steph

“Not only did I feel listened to and understood by Luke through my coaching experience, I truly felt championed. Our sessions simply felt like conversations, open and free to whatever I had to bring to the table.Luke responds with intent, thought, and biblical truths that inspires calm thinking and a reignition of stale  goals. If you’re in a place in your life that carries uncertainty, a fork in the road, or even creative drought I highly implore you to sit down with Luke, have some coffee and start a conversation.”

Jim Shopland

President, Shopland Health

I worked with Luke for multiple sessions for what turned out to the beginning of the COVID-19 shutdown.  Luke was prepared for all sessions and at the same time flexible with his schedule and to accommodate what was on my mind. Through a combination of listening and questioning, Luke was able to work with me in a series of coaching sessions as I moved from a position of confusion and indecision to an outcome of positive thoughts.  He worked out a straight forward approach for me to ask myself questions that provided direction for my day. Through active listening, Luke provided biblical references and scripture readings that provided context for me and allowed for further research to grow my spiritual connection.  This direction provided an ongoing reference for my personal and professional growth.Luke revealed an inner conflict that was restricting my ability to make decisions and he worked with me to provide a path out of indecision.  As the COVID-19 shutdown was beginning I was struggling with decision making and Luke provided a direction for me to clarify my thoughts that I continue to refer to today. Luke’s calmness and pointed questions provides an atmosphere of both comfort and action.  His patience allowed for me to work out my own challenges and to focus on developing a vision on how I could move forward in my own decision making. Through his encouragement I leaned into a role that I felt I was unqualified for, yet he was able to show that I had all the qualifications required.  I would recommend Luke to anyone looking to clarify their spiritual location with their personal and professional goals.”