What’s a coach and what is coaching?

A coach helps you grow through active listening, powerful questioning and sharing insight when it’s welcomed. A coach helps you to find clarity and to move forward. Coaches are partners, not prescribers. Unlike a consultant a coach doesn’t provide solutions or answers, but comes alongside to help you discover them.

Why are you a coach? What’s your approach?

I want to help people grow through truth and love. Together we’ll create a safe space in order to face your reality, imagine your potential, and design lattices for your growth. Let’s get growing.

In what areas do you coach?

Coaching is a tool applicable to just about any area of life in which you’d like to be healthy and grow. Some of the areas in which coaching might be helpful are: creative expression, vocational direction, communication, leadership, family life / relationships, spiritual health, and emotional/physical health.

What kind of training do you have?

  • I am a member of the International Coaching Federation.
  • I have completed both the Excelerator Course and the Mastery Course through the Essential Impact Coaching Program.
  • I will soon have a Certified Leadership Coach (CLC) designation and am also working towards accreditation as Associate Certified Coach (ACC).
  • I have received relationship counselling training from Enrich Canada.
  • I am an ordained minister, with twelve years of pastoral experience working with a wide range of people.

Can you coach me?

Send me an email and let’s talk about it!