What’s a coach and what is coaching?

A coach is someone who comes alongside to help you grow through listening closely, asking helpful questions and sharing insight when it’s welcomed. A coach helps you move forward. I aim to be a coach who serves through an integrated approach in order to help people flourish.

In what areas do you coach?

Unlike a consultant a coach doesn’t provide solutions or answers, but comes alongside to help you discover them. So coaching is a tool applicable to just about any area of life in which you’d like to be healthy and grow. Some of the areas I’m interested in are: creativity, vocational direction, family life / relationships, communication, leadership, spiritual health, and emotional/physical health.

How long have you been a coach? 

I’ve had many coaching conversations over twelve years of experience as an ordained minister. I’ve received relationship counselling training from Enrich Canada, have completed the Excelerator Coaching Program with Essential Impact and will have completed the Mastery Program by November 2019. I’m currently building up one hundred hours of specialized coaching experience for ACC accreditation through the International Coaching Federation.

Can you coach me?

Send me an email and let’s find out!