Psalm 40 (Ups & Downs)

LWC November 7, 2021 There’s a very old joke about an elevator operator who is usually ignored by those who take the lift from floor to floor. Finally, one day someone takes an interest in him. “This is a unique career choice”, says a woman, “how do you like your job?”, and the elevator operatorRead more

Safe hands

Luke 10.21-24 Pastors can be guilty of boring people with too many reflections from their own lives, and I’m sure at times I’m no exception. But you’ll have to forgive me today because what we’ve just heard from Jesus in Luke 10 remind me of a recent event in our family’s life. A few weeksRead more

Jesus & Power

Luke 9.46-48 Watch the sermon here. The island of Capri in southern Italy is a playground for the rich and famous. Visit and you’ll see super-yachts, fancy restaurants, and high fashion boutiques. Capri is a place synonymous with opulence and wealth, and the Roman ruins there tell us it was the same in Jesus’ day.Read more

Holy Voices

Colossians 1.9-11 Last year a handful of us on the team set up portable workspaces in our church sanctuary, spreading out around the room in a kind of physically distant communal office. We didn’t take that time together for granted, because even though the faces were repetitive, they were at least live faces! Of course,Read more

Recent Poems

Below are the links to twenty-one poems since January 2021. Investiture Beloved On the ChestObject of Prayer To a Welshman Mistakes Her Contrition Fuji (Psalm 19) Graffiti WastelandHomileticsTwo England Strokes The Cost On a Bluebell Early On a Windowsill River Bend Elizabeth Tree Halfway

Holding Hands

LWC May 9, 2021Essentials: Spirit (fruit)Galatians 5.16-25 Happy Mother’s Day. Today we’re talking about what we heard in the passage a moment ago: how does the produce of a life with God’s Spirit turn up in us and through us? As it’s Mother’s Day, maybe a parenting picture will help to begin. Anyone who’s gone onRead more

Endless Fall-Out

NUCLEAR This is our second talk on body in our Essentials series. Last week Rikk took us on a tour of scripture in relation to the body. What did we hear? We heard that humans are God’s refection, embodiments of God’s presence and character within creation; that every human is made in the image of God, so what weRead more