Silty Reach

What has drifted down you, embanked in Emerald guard? All manner, all members Of this scape – the boat, the boy, the leaf, the legend Long untold, unwritten by ash and spark. What has drifted down you, silty reach, But the bedrock of our story? Where new tribes beat Battery’d drums and oarsmen count theRead more


The quiet loves the cold It follows where she wanders. And in their union Sound and touch conceive the mist Outgrowing both, another sense As sight is added to the clan. Last of all the snow arrives By night, heavyweight and silent And all we thought we knew looks new. The Fort is as quietRead more


The geese have been taking off from Bedford channel the past few weeks. Sometimes they fly right down the centre of Glover Road, like some natural parade hailing the arrival of winter, alerting any tourist who’s yet to acknowledge it and bundle up. Seeing them take flight from the river reminds me of a plainRead more