Living Waters Church | March 3, 2024 Luke 20.41-47, Places of Honour Listen to or watch this sermon here Have you ever had that dream where suddenly you find yourself in front of a large group of people and you’re in your underwear? A dream like that draws out a sense of feeling exposed. There’s aRead more

What Belongs to God?

Watch or listen to this sermon here. Luke 20.20-26 Last week stepped back into the gospel of Luke, one of the four biographies Jesus’ life. Kirsten brought such quality teaching, and if you missed out I’d encourage you to give it a listen online because you’d be hard pressed to find a more in-depth andRead more

How to read the Bible

Living Waters Church, January 21, 2024Watch or listen to the sermon here Early in 2024 we’re asking a few key questions: Why and how do we pray? Why and how do we read the Bible? Why and how do we serve? Why and how do we share our faith? These practices have given shape to countlessRead more

And there were shepherds

“…and there were shepherds…” The Gospel of Luke, chapter 2 What is a nativity? A nativity is a snapshot of the scene surrounding Jesus’ birth, a display of the main characters of Christmas. I’m not talking about characters like Tiny Tim or the Grinch, though sometimes they end up involved anyway when children are around. SometimesRead more

Be Light (a Christmas card)

“A light shines in the darkness…” Jesus, according to his first century biographers, was not born into peace, but into tax season, under the thumb of an unimaginably cruel occupying empire (Luke’s account). His life was threatened and his family fled to a neighbouring country while his newborn contemporaries were killed by command of aRead more


Luke 19. 1-10Watch or listen to this talk here A couple of years ago our family moved house. We didn’t go far, just two doors down the hall in the same apartment building, from a one-bedroom unit into a two-bedroom. The timing couldn’t have been better as we were about to become a family ofRead more

Climbing Trees

Luke 19. 1-10 Watch or listen here “Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through.” Back in August my friend and I found ourselves in the middle of a rowdy crowd in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There was shouting, cursing, and jostling for position, because the gates to the stadium were about to open. People hadRead more

Wise decisions

Today we’re looking at how we come to wise decisions. “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you” (James). As anyone with a shred of life experience knows, when it comes to decision making the answers we’d like don’tRead more