IMG_3624I was a dreadful speller as a child. I still am. Only in the past year have I truly mastered the correct spelling of the word believe. Thankfully, I’ve gotten my name down pat since this photo was taken.

Hours were spent in my elementary school’s learning assistance class taking test after test, trying to solve the problem. Did I need glasses? Was I dyslexic? We never did sort it out. Mathematics also proved a challenge. I coped by imagining that the numbers had personalities: sixes and nines were nasty, twos and fours were harmless, and eight was dicey – he could go either way. If nothing else I was scholastically consistent.

It wasn’t until later that I realized how much I enjoyed literature and writing, and that you don’t have to be grammatically inclined in order to appreciate those sorts of things. Theatre helped with that – it was via the spoken word I began to appreciate the written word. It turned out the kid who loathed school and never learned to handwrite (I still can’t read cursive) actually loved Shakespeare, Dickens and all kinds of poetry.

My love of language continues to grow. I’ve been studying and teaching the Bible – quite a wordy thing – for ten years now. I also edit a homiletics resource blog, and have been producing more poetry of late. Last year I was fortunate enough to publish my first book.

On this site you’ll find my past work, some of my current projects, and a blog. Welcome! If you catch any spelling errors, please let me know.